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How It Works

Here at RAZ Credit Repair & Tax Services, LLC our mission is to make life easier for each of our clients by solving existing credit issues. Each client's path to credit recovery is unique, therefore each case is managed carefully, and customized to fit the goals of the individual. No matter how complicated you feel your situation may be, our team of specialists are ready to tackle your credit issues.


Based on the Fair Credit Reporting Act, we dispute errors and negative information listed on credits reports.  After receiving a copy of your credit report we will create your personalized plan. We understand that addressing credit issues are never easy and can be a stressful process. RAZ is here to help you every step of the way on your journey to financial freedom. 

We are excited that you have decided to take the necessary steps to restore your credit  and achieve your dreams of home ownership, lower interest rates, and financing your goals!

Latasha Mack, MBA

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